A Witness Out of the Blue (2019)

A Witness Out of the Blue is original movies from Hong Kong release in 2019 with original title 犯罪现场 but this movies knowed As Mùjí zhě.
A Witness Out of the Blue movies stories is about Soft-hearted detective Larry Lam spends so much of his time looking after street cats that he falls into debt and is pursued by his creditors. One day, he is assigned to protect a parrot as a key witness of a crime where the body of a man was discovered. Though the victim was involved in a jewelry heist 3 months earlier, the key suspect is Sean Won, who is still on the run. Devoid of any charisma but with a knack for hunches, Lam begins to suspect his boss, officer Yip Sau Ching. (Source: bifan.kr)

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