A Snake of June (2003)

A Snake of June is original movies from Japan release in 2003 with original title 六月の蛇 but this movies knowed As Rokugatsu no hebi or Rinkos Geheimnis.
A Snake of June movies stories is about Tatsumi Rinko works as a telephone counselor for a Tokyo-area suicide hotline. Her husband is Shigehiko, an older, workaholic businessman, that has a obsessive compulsive order for cleanliness. Their marriage is a sexless relationship, that seems to be more cordial than intimate. Rinko soon receives a packaged in the mail that contains photographs of herself sitting by her window and exposed in a semi open public view. Another package arrives with a cell phone. The photographer calls and identifies himself as one of Rinko’s past clients that is not interested in money. From there a relationship between the Stalker, Rinko, and Shigehiko occurs in a tense game of hidden desires.

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