A Road Stained Crimson (2012)

A Road Stained Crimson is original movies from Japan release in 2012 with original title 赤い季節 but this movies knowed As Akai Kisetsu or.
A Road Stained Crimson movies stories is about Ken (Hirofumi Arai) is a former contract killer, but now works in a motorcycle shop. He tries to live a respectable life with his partner Yoko (Jun Fubuki). Akira (Jun Murakami) has known Ken since his days as a contract killer and works himself as a killer for hire. One day, Akira shows up at Ken’s motorcycle shop. He then visits Ken frequently hoping to lure him back to his former line of work. Yoko hopes Ken doesn’t go back to his former line of work, but her peaceful daily life is changing bit by bit. 10 years ago, Ken’s father, who worked as a detective, was killed. Ken wonders about his father’s killer and what his father left behind.

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