A Man and A Woman (2016)

A Man and A Woman is original movies from South Korea release in 2016 with original title 남과 여 but this movies knowed As Namgwa Yeo or.
A Man and A Woman movies stories is about Sang Min comes to Finland to send her autistic son to a special camp. She feels so alienated in snow covered-white Helsinki. Ki Hong is an architect working in Finland on dispatched duty. His family is not so perfect either with a daughter having depression and a mentally unstable wife. The two meet for the first time at the gathering point of this special camp. They get to have a short trip to the camp together in silence but start to feel comfortable and connected to each other. On their way back to Helsinki, with the road blocked from heavy snow, Sang Min and Ki Hong are isolated in a cabin by the forest and lake. Carried away by irresistible passion, they spend a night together. But the next day, they go separate ways without asking each other’s names… (Source: KoBiz)

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