A Dream Comes True (2009)

A Dream Comes True is original movies from South Korea release in 2009 with original title 돌멩이의 꿈 but this movies knowed As Dolmengiui Kkum or A Dream Come True.
A Dream Comes True movies stories is about Sang Hyeon is a third-rate comedian who works in a shady nightclub. One day, a man comes into the club with his son and a briefcase. The man looks for the owner but he’s not around. Later that evening, Sang Hyeon witnesses a car accident involving the man that came into the nightclub. The man is dying and he asks Sang Hyeon to take his son and briefcase to his wife. Sang Hyeon goes to the deceased man’s family with the son and briefcase. The family asks him to take the son, Jae Yeong, to his mother in Donghae, South Korea. The family offers to pay Sang Hyeon a large amount of money if he would take the son. When Sang Hyeon arrives at the address, the mother is nowhere to be found. Making matters worse, loan sharks that Sang Hyeon owes money to arrive and takes the money given to Sang Hyeon by Jae Yeong’s family. Sang Hyeon is now broke and Jae Yeong believes that his mother has abandoned him. They then come across Ha Na, a drifter who works as a cheap dancer.

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