2424 (2002)

2424 is original movies from South Korea release in 2002 with original title 2424 but this movies knowed As .
2424 movies stories is about Park Tae Ho is running an underground organization, which specializes in the smuggling of jewellery. In order to bust the crime ring, the police assign an undercover agent to join the group who discovers evidence for the alleged illegal proceedings of the gang. Tae Ho, who does not want to get caught, hides the jewellery, which is worth 3 billion won in display objects and plans to transport everything out of Korea. Therefore, the police launch a mission called 2424 (which means movement in Korean) under the supervision of Choi Doo Chil to solve the case. However, both the police and the mob lose track of the precious jewels during the course of transport; thus a dramatic search on both sides ensues.

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